Your smile is very important. Why? Because according to recent studies, 74% of Americans believe that an unattractive smile can hurt your career success. This applies not only to work but your everyday social life as well.

Tooth Whitening can be the answer to brightening your smile and your outlook on life so you look and feel great. A whiter smile can give you that extra edge in life and Dr. Seyler can help you achieve it through our 2 types of tooth bleaching:

  • Custom tray bleaching
  • In-office cleaning and bleaching

After your in-office cleaning and bleaching session using the Shofu Bleaching System, you will be sent home with custom bleaching trays which we will fabricate for you before your office bleaching appointment. Virtually all bleaching systems use the same materials to whiten teeth and how much lighter your teeth become depends on your teeth and tolerance to these materials. Everyone can expect lightening from one to three shades lighter which can be very dramatic.

Bleaching is not for everyone however. Some teeth have spots that will change more of less with bleaching perhaps making them more or less attractive. In addition if you have crowns, veneers or composite fillings, they will not change color with bleaching.

If you do not like the color of your teeth, they can be changed!! This may require a combination of treatments which may include bleaching, new composite restorations and/or new crowns or veneers on some teeth.

To maintain your newly whitened teeth we recommend drinking coffee, tea, and dark sodas in moderation and using a whitening toothpaste. With your custom trays you can touch up your teeth with home bleaching once every 6 months or so, to keep a beautiful smile.

For a free initial consultation give Melissa a call and set up a time to find out the possibilities for you.

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