What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are thin shells of ceramic material, which are bonded to the front of teeth. This procedure can be an ideal conservative choice to changing the color and shape of the teeth It is limited in that the very dark underlying tooth structure will not masque out completely with a veneer. In this case a different restoration such as a porcelain crown with a Zirconia core may be a better choice. Veneers also have a limited ability in changing the shape of a tooth. If dramatic changes are necessary a full coverage porcelain crown may be a better choice. Even with their limitations however, veneers can still be the best choice for your tooth and they can be used in combination with other types of restorations.

What happens during a cosmetic procedure?

Initially you will come in for a records appointment. During this appointment a lot of information will be gathered about your teeth and how they function. We will assess your muscles and joints, take impressions of your teeth, register how your teeth relate and take a series of photographs and gather any other helpful information to aid in designing your new teeth.

Dr. Seyler will then take this information and create a CD for you that illustrates all the things you have going on in your mouth and what is the best approach to achieve your desired result. Your models will also be used to note your function and any changes that my be necessary. This information will be presented to you and any family members you wish at your next appointment. You and Dr. Seyler will discuss your possible treatment and alternatives. If you decide you want to move ahead with treatment a treatment schedule will be worked out with you.

During your first appointment, some or all of the teeth involved in your treatment will be prepared and temporary restorations will be fabricated that should mimic the hoped-for final result. Your temporaries will look very nice and we will spend a lot of time making them beautiful. We will use these temporaries to evaluate the shape, color and function of your proposed new teeth. If and when we are happy with the temporary teeth we will move ahead to the final restorations. The temporaries are an integral part of your treatment as we can make changes and discuss how we may wish to alter the final restorations.

Once we have decided on our final result a final impression will be made of the prepared teeth and those impressions will be sent to the lab along with very specific instructions and/or models showing how to design the teeth.

Lastly, you will come in and have the final restorations bonded into place.

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